Barbudans vote for a new council today

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Polls will open at 7 a.m. in Barbuda today, as residents of Sister Ilse  vote for a new council this morning.

Ten candidates will be competing today.

Leader of the Barbuda Peoples Movement Trevor Walker remains confident that it will be a clean sweep.

For the BPM, Sharima Deazle-Myers and Devon Warner are seeking re-election while John Mussington and Fitzroy Warner are first-time candidates for Council elections.

Bentham Lewis, Mackeisha Desouza, Orlando Morris and Zaria Nedd will represent the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) in the elections, while the two independent candidates – in Jurmaine Joyce and Ordrick Samuel.

Walker said the BPM will continue to represent the vision and best interests of the people of Barbuda here and in the diaspora.

“We intend to continue to safeguard the existence of the Barbuda Council and its enabling legislation: The Barbuda Local Government Act (1976)”.

The BPM also noted recently, what it said is continued efforts by the central government administration, “to gaslight the people of Barbuda”

“These gaslighting attempts have persisted since the Hurricane Irma disaster and in its latest display, the report attempted to diminish and dismiss the foresight and achievements of Barbudans by claiming that the Dulcina Hotel was being built in the 1960s by Barbudans who lived in the diaspora,” Walker said


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