LISTEN: Bramble wants to be on government board

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Washington Bramble and Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Well known Laborite and transgender woman Washington Bramble is demanding that Prime Minister Gaston Browne appoints her on a government board, saying that she deserves that right

Bramble, in a voice note sent to Cabinet ministers yesterday, said “I need to be put on a board even if Gaston Browne has to create a board for me. I think I deserve that much”.

Bramble explained that she appreciates what PM Browne has done for her in the past “but I have to say I am entitled to more”.

“I want each of the Cabinet members to know, especially the prime minister, how I am very disappointed in the neglect and disrespect being meted out to me by the government…”

Bramble said she has worked hard enough for the ABLP to be appointed on a board where she can make enough money to build her home and live comfortably.

Listen to Bramble’s Voice note below


  1. Mae

    Bramble is a native born Antiguan and educated person. He/she has the right to be part of the development of Antigua and Barbuda. There are a lot of foreigners on government boards of directors so why can’t native born, Bramble be a board member?

    • Anonymous

      Makes plenty sense.
      I second this.

  2. Country Road

    if he feels like he can do such then that’s one thing, but far as I see if he doesn’t meet the requirement for whatever he asking for then why put on a board and creating a board for you in specifically sounds like some bs you name god? or something

  3. Johndoe

    I guess he misspelled the word board but meant ( BUD) so please Mr. , Ministers Let the man sit on those BUDS , He deserves it. You people stop Calling the man She. Soon from now it will be Discrimination and the system will make it against the law to call these people She who God made man. They might want to forced it down the public throat and call it discrimination.Just imagine hearing these people in ABS NEWS who call themselves Godly or Christian referring to this guy as Her.GOD help us in this Time and season we are living..Soon from now is Gay Marriage

    • Buffy

      Well SAID👍

    • Right on...


  4. Audley Phillip

    Why not! There are really no set standard or competence requirement.. The only qualification is to be a party supporter and by all account, he/she is. And he/she is right to feel rejected and spurned for not being selected to a board when many other turn coats are selected. Put him/her on a board, even if you have to create one for him/her is the command. Such entitlement.

  5. FOE

    How and when the Lord created such a creature that it is referred to as she and him. What qualifies a person to sharing so many genders?May I ask is it because of their emotional feeling? Well , no one is classified to any gender because of feelings; just look in the mirror , and whatever you behold in the mirror that who you are.


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