CARICOM not letting up as it seeks to have the US lift sanctions against Venezuela

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Members of CARICOM are using every opportunity they can to put pressure on the Joe Biden administration to show its disapproval of the continued sanctions on Venezuela.

The latest such action was at the just concluded meeting in the Bahamas between CARICOM heads of government and the US Vice President Kamala Harris,

Member states told Harris that the US should lift its sanctions against Venezuela to allow regional countries to benefit from the PetroCaribe initiative.

They told her that they recognized that to address the challenge of energy security, there must be a balanced approach to develop the region’s hydrocarbon resources and maximize renewable energy potential.

“In the context of the bilateral relationship with the United States, CARICOM Heads of Government urged for the removal of sanctions on Venezuela to allow countries in the region to benefit from the PetroCaribe initiative and for progress on the exploitation of cross-border natural gas fields between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. The leaders also reiterated CARICOM’s consistent call for the removal of sanctions against Cuba,” the statement said.

Just Last week, Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Stuart Young, said his country was experiencing the collateral damage of the geopolitics as a result of the ongoing tense relationship between the United States and Venezuela.

He made that statement as he addressed an international conference in Miami, and said the oil-rich twin island republic has found itself


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