CBH workers charged with larceny and unlawful possession

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Two of the Vector Control Officers employed at the Central Board of Health who were arrested on Monday have been charged with larceny and unlawful possession.

They were allegedly caught stealing diesel. According to police reports, the fuel was intended for use in spraying locations across the country with stagnant water, to curtail the breeding of mosquitoes.

The police report stated that on Monday they executed a search warrant in Piggotts on the premise and the presence of Cortwright Sly Josiah age 62 of Pigotts along with Petroy Matthias age 53 of Bendals and Derrick Wade age 57 Of Villa.

Lawmen have since charged Derrick Wade of Villa and Hubert Cortright Josiah of Paynters.

They were jointly charged with larceny of 40 gallons of diesel and charged separately with unlawful possession.

When police searched the premises, they found one Blue Barrel and three Buckets containing Diesel, one Black and Grey Fuel Pump, and two Funnels.

The items were seized and transported to the Central Board of Health.

They are expected to appear before the Magistrates Court on Thursday.


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