Community roads to be given attention says new Public Works Minister

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Public Works Minister Maria Browne said she will pay keen interest in addressing the road issue in Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne, who was speaking on the sidelines of the Throne Speech in Parliament on Monday agrees that the country’s roads are a far cry from what they should be

“Now that the major highways are complete, we will be looking at community roads. We realize that for a very long time, many of them have been left languishing. We know that residents in a lot of villages are suffering especially when there are downpours of rain…” she said.

Browne takes over from Lennox Weston who was not given a ministry following his defeat at the January 18th general elections.

“We need to bring the community roads up to a standard where residents will be more comfortable and overall enhance the esthetics of the environment,” she explained

Several areas including Jennings, Glanville, and Seaton’s are among the community that currently benefiting from roadworks.

“We are currently putting together a schedule to inform residents when we are coming into their communities. We are making sure also that we have the necessary materials to address the road works. We have increased the importation of sand and cement and we will also increase the mining of aggregates,” she explained


  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to this. All the best!

    • Mystic

      Kinda Strange
      Beg to Clarify.
      There is No Way to
      It’s JOHN PUBLIC roadway.
      No Side walk ” civics”
      1st LADY 💃 we NEED to TALK..


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