Cops search for wanted man with missing index finger

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Herbert Wallace otherwise called ‘Rickie’

Jamaica’s Police search of a man who left his finger behind following a robbery.

The man’s name is Herbert Wallace otherwise called ‘Rickie’ of a Riverton City Address in Kingston 11,

He robbed a business establishment on Colleyville Avenue, Kgn 20 on Nov 28, 2022.

Police said they were able to identify the suspect as he left his finger behind.

Reports from Jamaica are that Wallace was in the process of robbing the business establishment “when he accidentally shot his finger off, after taking a sum of money from the proprietor. He reportedly bolted from the scene leaving the finger behind”

Police submitted the finger to the lab where it was run through the fingerprint database and a match was made to Wallace. They are asking residents to contact the nearest police station if they suspect someone has a missing finger. An index finger to be exact.


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