COVID-19 outbreak at Geriatric Hospital

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

There’s an outbreak of Covid at the Geriatric Hospital in Barbados but health authorities there are giving no indication as to the number of persons infected.

Barbados has recorded 569 deaths and 106,000 infections since the first case was recorded in March 2020.

Because of the outbreak, the Ministry of Health and Wellness said that visits to the institution on the outskirts of the capital have been restricted in some wards.

The Ministry of Health said this restriction includes eight wards at the Geriatric Hospital, where the authorities there said they would “like to assure the public that they are committed to keeping the situation under control and advise that an updated notice will be disseminated as to the progress of the situation and relaxation of the restriction”

The government in Barbados wants residents to continue to practice good hygiene to protect themselves and their loved ones from any possible infection.


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