CUB donates therapeutic stander to Justice Daniels

Editorial Staff


A young resident with cerebral palsy is the recipient of a donation of a Therapeutic Prone Stander.

The Caribbean Union Bank made the donation to Justice Daniels, a young, vibrant boy who was born with the condition.

People diagnosed with Cerebral palsy lose muscular tone which is usually treated with therapy and as part of that process, a recommendation was put forward by his physician for a Therapeutic Prone Stander.

The new equipment is expected to assist with the child’s neuromotor development and increase his verticalization and standing time on an ongoing basis.

Daniel’s family tried at first to acquire the device but failed but did not give up. They continued to pursue various avenues.

In November the child’s mother approached the bank for financial support and took the decision to source the much-needed device.

After many months of logistical challenges, CUB was in possession of the Therapeutic Prone Stander for young Justice.


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