CUB statement following Asot’s demand for his money

Editorial Staff


Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) has become aware of statements made in the media and public domain suggesting that the Bank is unable to meet the request of a depositor.

CUB unequivocally denies the suggestion and or implication that it has restricted access to any customer’s account.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Bank places on record, the following incontrovertible facts:

  • Caribbean Union Bank is a local commercial Bank which is licensed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.
  • As a licensed financial institution, the Bank must fulfill ALL regulatory requirements.
  • The Bank remains sound and safe and maintains the ability to meet all depositors’ requests.

CUB is committed to delivering the highest standards of service while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements in line with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and international standards.


  1. Kelly

    So where is Mr, Michaels money? Whats really happening?

  2. Antiguan woman

    If he asked to close the account…..y was it not closed and his funds returned…..this country has too many unscrupulous practices…. how rhey not saying anything about that…..n was not one accont it was 2….somebody needs to clarify..


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