Dialysis treatment now made easier

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

By Aabigayle McIntosh


An alternative option is now available in Antigua and Barbuda for dialysis patients requiring the service which is also offered at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

The unique service will also cater to the needs of dialysis patients who are overseas and may wish to travel but are concerned about continued care.

Dr. Collin C. Coker spoke at the contemporary dialysis service which is now available at a facility here in Antigua.

“Contemporary dialysis is a private dialysis center that is available in Antigua and Barbuda and we are specializing in what we call transient or holiday dialysis”, he explained in a state interview.

“A part from being a local facility where an Antiguan who does not want to go to the hospital can come. We have also done a different thing in terms of positioning Antigua on the world stage”.

This means that anyone who wants to travel to Antigua, as long as he/she is a kidney patient needing dialysis, they could add Antigua to their itinerary.

“Prior to that if you wanted to go to Antigua and you could not get to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center then you just would not get to travel to Antigua,” he added.

The medical team says the company has the facility to provide continued care for each patient regardless of their treatment schedule.

Contemporary Dialysis Solutions Limited provides hemodialysis. In Hemodialysis a machine filters wastes, salts, and fluid from your blood when your kidneys are no longer healthy enough to do this work adequately.

Patients can also choose to be dialyzed in the general area with other clients or choose to be dialyzed in a private suite.

“Once you decide to come to Antigua your case worker in your home country would contact us via email, and we would send back to him/her the packages which outline the requirements for the patient to ensure a smooth transition,” the medical practitioner stated.

The business is located in the Friars Hill complex adjacent to Likealatte and other popular establishments.


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