Dominica and Vietnam agree to expand bilateral cooperation

Editorial Staff


The Commonwealth of Dominica and Vietnam is celebrating ten years of diplomatic relations and both countries used an opportunity to call for an agreement for continued cooperation.

Dominica’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vince Henderson, visited Vietnam recently on a visit to that country by Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son. On Monday they held talks, agreeing to work closely with each other

Bui Thanh Son said, “there remains much potential for cooperation in trade, agriculture, fishery, tourism, etc. We also agree to work closely in the UN and boosting Vietnam- CARICOM relations,”.

Dr. Henderson’s’ visit is the first cabinet member of the twin island nation to visit Vietnam and Son said his country places a great emphasis “on the importance of strengthening relations with Dominica and hopes that the two sides will continue to explore cooperation possibilities to match the potential and strengths of each country”

There was also a suggestion by Son for the leaders of Dominica and Vietnam to meet “on the sidelines of international conferences and foster cooperation at the United Nations and other multilateral agencies.”.


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