Dr Gonsalves bats for Cuba, Taiwan and Venezuela



St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has added his voice to those calling on the United States of America to left the embargo on Cuba.

Many leaders over the years have been pleading with the US to remove what they are calling a “wicked” and somewhat arbitrary block on Cuba dating back years.

It seems however that these cries have been falling on deafened ears since the US have made little or no moves to ease the restrictions on Cuba. Instead, sanctions have intensified over the years

When it was his turn to address the UN, the Vincentian leader questioned why the illegal, unjust economic embargo, undeclared war, and criminal interventions against Cuba permitted to continue without let up, despite overwhelming, near-unanimous denunciation by this General Assembly.

“Why do we not resist unequivocally the sordid attempts by imperialism to subvert the duly-elected governments of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Nicaragua?  How can we stand askance, in relative silence, and contented inaction, in disregard of Taiwan’s legitimate right to exist in accord with the wishes, and will of the Taiwanese people?  Why do we not encourage peace and security across the Taiwan Straits by, among other things, permitting Taiwan’s participation in the specialized agencies of relevance in the United Nations’ system such as the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization? Dr Gonsalves said.

Meanwhile Gonsalves said all these, and other, 20th century quarrels and contentions have potentially viable solutions, or at the very least, mutually acceptable levels of dissatisfaction, lodged within a framework of peace and security.

“Quality global leadership, in communion with the world’s peoples, credible ideas for resolution, and a coherent multilateralism grounded in international law, constitute the only viable way forward for humanity,” he said. “In short, let us give mature diplomacy a chance to succeed.


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