Facelift for St Johns high on Public Works minister’s agenda

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Maria Bird Browne, the country’s Minister of Housing, Lands, Public Works, and Urban Renewal

Maria Bird Browne, the country’s Minister of Housing, Lands, Public Works, and Urban Renewal has given a firm commitment to addressing the broken-down state of St John’s promising to give it the much-needed attention it deserves

“The conditions are deplorable, and it needs urgent addressing. Many hazardous areas need urgent intervention,” she said during the budget debate last week.

Browne said in the coming weeks, the government will prioritize the upliftment of the city.

Two weeks ago, Browne, Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez, and others within her ministry embarked on a walkthrough of the city, to assess what needs to be done and which areas need to be prioritized.

She said the money that was spent recently on roadworks has been wasted.

“They covered the drains, created rat condominiums, the construction of drains … the stench is horrible, and so we are not going to act like the previous administration had nothing to do with it; they have to take responsibility for a lot of this atrocity in terms of the aesthetics, the cleanliness,” she said.

Apart from fixing the sidewalks and uplifting the city, Browne said her government was looking at, creating green spaces and initiatives that are expected to beautify the entire island.

Police stations and run-down public buildings are also expected to be given attention under Browne’s watch.

Browne is the youngest serving member of parliament on the ABLP side. She was re-elected into office at the January 18th general elections and had Public Works added to her portfolio.

She is the wife of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

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  1. Anonymous

    Kudos to you Hon Maria Browne. Keep going while the dogs are barking. People will forever talk.

    Anticipating great things from you and your ministry by the grace of God.


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