Family of Shaquille Seeks Urgent Support For Medical Treatment After Devastating Car Accident

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The family of Chevan “Shaquille” Jones, a twenty-one-year-old resident of All Saints Village, is reaching out to the community for assistance in securing vital medical treatment following a devastating car accident on May 13, 2023. Chevan sustained severe injuries, including a fractured hip and a broken nose, which require immediate attention that is unavailable locally.

Norean Bailey-King, Chevan’s aunt, spoke with Observer, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. She explained that due to the complexity of his hip fractures, the necessary medical equipment and expertise for hip replacement surgery are not available in Antigua and Barbuda. To access the essential treatment, Chevan must be transported to Santo Domingo.

In their heartfelt plea, Chevan’s family is appealing to the public for support in any way possible. Financial donations are desperately needed to cover the substantial costs associated with the surgery, travel expenses, and accommodation, which are estimated to be around US$23,000. The family also requests emotional support through prayers during this challenging time. Despite the difficulties they have faced in the past week, they remain hopeful, drawing strength from their faith.

If you are able to contribute financially, any amount would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to Alverine Bailey’s deposit account at the St John’s Cooperative Credit Union Bank. For further inquiries or assistance, please contact Alverine Bailey directly at 725-4258.

Your support and generosity will make a significant difference in Chevan’s journey towards recovery. Let us come together as a compassionate community, extending a helping hand to this young man in need. Together, we can bring hope and healing to his life.




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