Farmers meet local demand for poultry products

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The importation of poultry products in Antigua and Barbuda is on a steady decline since farmers have been meeting local demands.

Today May 10 is World Poultry Day”, a day set aside by the International Poultry Council (IPC) in Europe, to pay tribute to breeders, hatcheries, poultry farmers, and processing plants for their contribution to “Food Security” in Europe. 

Poultry farmers on the island say that they are now producing and meeting local consumption needs hence drastically reducing our importation of this commodity. 

“Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture through its Veterinary and Livestock Division has placed restrictions on the importation of eggs. However, sadly at times, there are gluts on the market, and often eggs have to be discarded due to a lack of machinery for the conversion/extraction of the eggs to suffice the demands for added value products such as dried eggs powder and dried egg white protein that are on the increase, especially in the hotel industry.  Therefore, further development for this part of the sector is also needed,” they said in a press statement Monday

Many farmers, according to the association have joined the quest to promote Food Security through the poultry and eggs sector and it has grown tremendously over time, however, the is room for expansion and improvement. 

“The Ministry of Education has stepped up to the Food Security challenge and has implemented through the schools both prime and secondary, a robust agriculture science program and the Ministry of Agriculture is very pleased about this upgrade.  Many of the schools are engaged in mixed farming (both crop production and or animal husbandry to include layers and broilers).  Additionally, many private schools have also been contributing towards the agricultural sector,” the statement said.

Residents have been encouraged to support locals with the association saying that it is the most nutritional.


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