Fifty Thousand Dollar Grant for PiAngo Festival

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Agro-processors taking part in this year’s PiAngo Festival have been granted $50,000.00 to help their business get the recognition that it deserves

E.P Chet Greene, the island’s Agriculture Minister made that disclosure during the official launch of the PiAngo Festival today

Greene also asked the organizers of the festival to increase the number of vendors taking part in the annual event, by increasing the number of vendors to a minimum of 60.

PiAngo Fest formerly known as Mango Fest is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture each year and it provides an opportunity for farmers to display mangoes and now pineapples in not just their natural state but all the by-products that come from them.

Fruit wines, soaps, jams, jellies, cakes, dried fruits, sweets and treats, and cosmetic products are among the products usually on display at the festival

The well-loved initiative has, according to the organizers and patrons “always been a great opportunity for agro-processors and entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and network with others to add value to our local fruits here in Antigua and Barbuda”

Meanwhile, National Specialist, Craig Thomas says IICA will continue to support PiAngo Fest as it has been doing from its inception when it was just called Mango Fest.

He said IICA has been working closely with agro-processors each year to not only expand their product line but better their businesses through several workshops.

PiAngo Fest 2023 will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August at the Cades Bay Agricultural Station!  We hope to see you there!


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