Former Gov’t minister to answer charges in court today

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Former member of Parliament and Gender Affairs Minister Dean Jonas is expected to appear in court this morning after he was arrested on Thursday.

Reports are that Jonas was detained following an altercation with police.

Lawmen were reportedly responding to reports that he had threatened to kill a woman with whom he has a child.

When officers attempted to speak to Jonas at his residence, he allegedly attacked them.

Jonas was taken to the police station where he was reportedly charged with resisting arrest, battery of a police officer, threatening language, and others.

He is said to be on station bail and is expected to appear in court today.

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  1. Mystic

    Quite Some Rage..
    As a Politician Empty Threats.
    Election done Inverse.. Proportional
    Situation Will get Better
    Election Frustration and.Anger..
    HELP d we Brother
    Help de Mother
    Help de B we ignore
    Drinking Water


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