Four Stabbing Incidents Reported Monday

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

On Monday, the Emergency Medical Services reported four instances of separate stabbing incidents.

Three occurred in the morning and the other took place in the afternoon on Kentish Road. Although the victims were transported to the hospital, their injuries were not life-threatening.

It remains unclear whether arrests were made in connection to the incidents.

The police maintained a strong presence during the J’ouvert festivities as the streets of St John’s were filled with revelers.

In addition, the EMS provided assistance to four intoxicated revelers during J’ouvert celebrations, but none of them required hospital care.

The emergency medical technicians assessed them, and they were later assisted by their family members.

The EMS reported a significant decline in the number of cases where they had to aid inebriated revelers this year compared to previous years.

 EMS Director Shawn Greenidge welcomed the decrease in numbers and urges revelers to act responsibly for the remainder of the festivities.


  1. Wendel Robinson

    Tomorrow may well prove a different story of violence. Yes I see quite a number of officers at various spots… mostly juniors… it would have been good to see more senior officers though! I like the police presence!

  2. John

    If there are stabbing incidents, why not called off the carnival like normally do whenever such incidents occurred. Shut it down until people learn to keep/leave their evil and demonic acts home. I am just tired of all this evil behavior in Antigua. People, how can God heal and bless our beautiful island Antigua and Barbuda with type of behavior. Please, people think before acting.


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