Fresh appeal for help in locating Noah Hurst, others are yet to be found

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

By Aabigayle McIntosh


The Member of Parliament for the All-Saints West Constituency is the latest person to join the family of Noah Hurst to appeal for help in locating his whereabouts.

The 24-year-old was last seen on May 23rd and several subsequent searches for him have not yielded any positive results.

United Progressive Party MP Antony Smith it is an extremely sad situation where a mother and a family have no idea how to locate their loved one. He said he has spoken to the family members and they are truly saddened by what is happening.

“Every time I speak to them, I have to hold back the tears because it is such a sad situation. Noah is such a very good young man, he is hardworking. I am pleading with the authorities to help this family as much as possible,” Smith said.

“When you are in a situation as they are experiencing it has to be unbearable and they need the support of everyone to be out there looking”.

Smith said he too, has joined in the search but more manpower is needed. He is also appealing to the police, members of government, and others to lend a helping hand”, Smith said.

“We have to keep praying for the entire family, the father, the sister, the mother, and others”.

The Lightfoot man’s family has complained of not receiving much enforcement from law enforcement officers; however, the police have denied those claims saying they are doing all they can. 

Meanwhile, the search is still on for Kevin Millet Jnr who has been missing since March 17, Kevorn Sardis Bailey, who has been missing since August last year, is also yet to be located.

He was last seen in the vicinity of the service station close to the Agriculture Ministry’s headquarters on Independence Drive.

Family Members of Missing Autistic Teen Shamar Harrigan are also still waiting, six months later, to determine  if human remains found during a search are his.

Harrigan, 19 years old, was last seen on November 14, 2022.


  1. Teacher For Life

    Does no one else notice a suspicious pattern here? All young men? Some with disabilities? Do we have a sexual predator loose here in Antigua who is preying on young men? What’s really going on? Does Scotland Yard have to come visit in order for a proper investigation is to be had? Something has to be done and QUICKLY before another young man mysteriously disappears!!

    • wadad1

      I am so upset that these missing people seems not to be top priority. If I had money I would hire my own investigation team. How many human remains had they found so far?

  2. Anonymous

    Please ppl let’s help find Noah Hurst I am glad to say that I had the opportunity to be a friend to Noah he is a very hard working man I remember when the shop I worked at got robbed and he came about 3 days after. Saying me friend me c in action how r u feeling and we spoke for about an 1 hr can’t believe that this peace young man is missing he don’t trouble ppl

  3. Anonymous


    About the search
    How can one help to assist


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