Golden Grove woman raped by a masked man

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

A 22-year-old woman from Golden Grove Extension has reported to the police that a masked man broke into their home and raped her.

The offense occurred at about 03:29 am on Thursday at Golden Grove Extension.

Police reported that they interviewed the visibly traumatize woman in the presence of her aunt and she reported that she was awakened by a male figure standing at her bedside who asked about the ring on her finger and she told him that he can have it.

The intruder then told her to take off her underwear and proceeded to rape her

She further stated that the intruder was dressed in long blue jeans pants and a black long-sleeve turtleneck shirt.

She also described him as dark in complexion, medium built, and about 5ft. 8 inches in height.

The woman cannot say whether he was armed with a weapon but police say the intruder apparently used a block and a blue drum to gain height, having done so gained entry through an eastern bedroom window which was closed but not locked.

The exit was made via a southern living room door.

A search was carried out in the surrounding area for anyone fitting the description but without success.


  1. Janika Bruno

    This sounds like the same person that almost did the same thing to me a few years ago

  2. Dresian

    It is time to eliminate ALL Rapists!

  3. Anonymous

    Just terrible


    Same description and timeframe of my 2012 experience…damnnn you!…just sent me back into tears and now ruined my morning.

  5. Oslyne

    Horrible, just horrible!


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