Gov’t to further invest in Black Pineapple

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Plans are underway for further investment in Antigua and Barbuda’s Black Pineapple, says Information Minister Melford Nicholas who was questioned by the media about the country’s famous fruit

Nicholas said the demand for the fruit exceeds the current supply, and as a result, the government intends to enter into tissue culture to help increase production while maintaining the genetics of the tasty fruit.

“As far as I’m aware, there is some attempt at doing some tissue culture to be able to ensure that we can maintain the genetics of that particular plant and certainly the stock that would be required to regenerate a whole grove of Antigua, black pineapples,” he said

Nicholas said the concern right now to the Ministry of Agriculture is whether or not we can begin to re-propagate the land area in Cades Bay to ensure that there is sufficient production of the Antigua black Pineapple to meet its requirement.

Meanwhile, the annual PiAngo Festival is currently in the planning stages

It is a forum for vendors to display a variety of mangoes, the Antigua Black pineapple, along with local cuisine, drinks, and other locally made products.

The annual Mango Fest was rebranded in 2019 as ‘PiAngo Fest’ with the inclusion of the Antigua Back pineapple in the festivities.


  1. Mae

    After they destroyed our national fruit, and sell the land to an outside investor, they are trying to revive our country’s main fruit. The Labor Party government always destroying the importance of this beautiful island of Antigua. Investment or investors is good but not when it comes down in destroying our historical symbol. For nine years this administration is in government and they did not too keep the Antigua Black Pineapple alive. The government show no interest in keeping the black pineapple 🍍 alive. They stop cultivating the pineapple field leaving it for ruining.

    • Whitfield Hastings

      Everything r you put Politics in if you get up this morning and CARNT go off in the Toilet is the Labour Party Government make you couldn’t pass your Stool if all what they done was good 💯% you still would had some bad things to say you saw Students wearing UWI Five Island Campus and you still say Bad Christ Died On Good Friday He Did All Good But The People Murdered Him So Who Is Gaston Browne and The Government Of Antigua and Barbuda And am Asking This Question ❓⁉️ Who Would Be The Prime Minister Of Antigua and Barbuda If UPP Had Won The Election Because R U Was Pushing A Lame Donkey In A Horse 🐎 Race!

  2. Dam Fed Up a de BS

    For your information, it was thr UPP government that gave away our pineapple industry. Ask Don Charles who signed a MOU on behalf of the government with a company out of Holand. It was ABLP who had to pay for Antigua not keeping it’s end of the deal.
    When you don’t know the facts, don’t talk!


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