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After a short hiatus, the Great Sisters Swim took place on April 8th, a 2 mile open water swim from the islet Great Sisters to Fort James Beach.

The open water swim is an endurance challenge for the members of the Dolphin Swim Club and Open Water Enthusiasts, who wish to challenge their mental toughness and physical endurance.

This year’s participants were Sharon Goodluck, Jasmattie Judnarine, Gabriella Judnarine, Lesley Davis, Sharon Browne, Dr. Nicole Roberts, Sanchez Greenidge, Marlon Norton, Kezia Norton, Royan Norton, Keon Emanuel and Trevon White. The 10 and under swimmers were Bruce Williamson (10yrs), Ajaunte Williamson (10yrs) and Ryen Merchant (8yrs). The oldest and youngest swimmers this year were Condaisy Browne (69 yrs) and Noelle Jurgensen (6 yrs).

With no buoys in the water for guidance, the newcomers were led by guides. The guides applied their knowledge of the ocean currents, marine life and the navigational skill of sighting with accuracy using landmarks. Guides were Jahlic Edwards, Wayne Henry, Denise Edwards, Guy Jurgensen, Phil Rose, Ronald Henry, Andrea Edwards-Jurgensen, Jahvin Edwards, Tahesia Drew and Olivia Jurgensen.

Many had their reasons to take the plunge, like Sanchez Greenidge, who was inspired by his younger brother to take on the challenge a year and a half from learning how to tread water. Mother and daughter duo Jasmattie and Gabriella Judnarine, an adventure accomplished together, and one they won’t soon forget.

The swimmers were greeted ashore by several of the previous participants who had completed the swim with the Covid 19 pandemic on their heels. Special mention to the 2020 participants: Abigail Hodge, Akayla Hodge, Alicia Quinland, Andrea Edwards-Jurgensen, Ava Mason, Camaria Simpson, Condaisy Browne, Ethan Henry, Faith Hodge, Guy Jurgensen, Heidi Weste, Dr. Helena Jeffrey-Brown, Hilah Dyer, Iman Henry, Jahlic Edwards, Jahvin Edwards, Jaiden Edwards, Jayden Goodman, Kayode Dorsett, Keon Emanuel, Malachi Charles, Malachi Baharry, Malique Williams, Natalya Lawerence, Olivia Jurgensen, Phil Rose, Ronald Henry, Samuel Edwards, Sharon Browne, Shawn Greenidge, Shertwain Griffth, Sparkle Greenidge, Trevon White, Vinesha Martin, Wayne Henry and Zende Dorsett.

Special thanks to the safety support team: Jaiden Edwards, Malique Williams, Lifeguards from the Beach Safety and Security Unit within the Ministry of Tourism, and the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Coast Guar



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