Greene wins support for Antigua and Barbuda’s hosting of SIDS Conference

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Foreign Affairs Minister E.P Chet Greene has been elected Vice President of the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5) in Doha, Qatar.  

Greene, together with a high-level delegation of Antigua and Barbuda travelled to Doha on what has been described as a fact-finding mission to “facilitate the transfer of knowledge and provide guidance to Antigua and Barbuda on hosting a similar global conference; the Fourth United Nations Conference on Small Island Developing States (4th SIDS Conference) in the summer of 2024”

According to a press statement, the minister indicated how necessary it is to partner with the government of Qatar as an “exemplar of their successful hosting of FIFA World Cup 2022 and their demonstration of strong leadership in hosting LDC5.

The statement said that the group was also afforded the opportunity to engage with the Secretariat of LDC5 and gained behind the scenes experience associated with hosting the international conference. 

At the meeting, a commitment was made to offer support to the Government of Antigua and Barbudan in hosting the 4th SIDS Conference.

“Minister Greene expressed his profound gratitude to the People and Government of Qatar for its continued generosity for providing travel and accommodations to the delegation of Antigua and Barbuda at LDC5 and most importantly for its commitment of support towards the 4th SIDS Conference,” according to the statement. 

World leaders, the private sector, civil society and others will form part of the 4th SIDS Conference, which will lobby to generate a holistic approach that will identify challenges and opportunities for the sustainable development and building the resilience of SIDS. 

Minister Greene also held bilateral talks with the Slovenian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Ms. Tanja Fajon as well as with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece H.E. Konstantinos Fragkogiannis and H.E. Holger Nielsen, Special Representative of the Prime Minister of Denmark.  

“The bilateral meetings with the European allies focused on improving diplomatic relations with Antigua and Barbuda and addressing current global challenges. Minister Greene expressed his government’s appreciation of the long-standing cooperation between Antigua and Barbuda and the aforementioned countries, and called for greater support to Antigua and Barbuda and other small states as we continue to be negatively affected by climate change, mounting debt and access to concessional financing,” the statement said. 

The three European countries reiterated their commitment to Antigua and Barbuda and pledged to offer increased support in the coming years.

During his five-day visit, Foreign Minister Greene also held talks with high officials from the United Nations including the interim Executive Director of UNOPS who made commitments to support Antigua and Barbuda’s hosting of the 4th SIDS Conference and to provide technical support to Antigua and Barbuda’s national development efforts. 

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    Europeans Pirated these Islands
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    Lizzy joined RANKs SUPER powers
    Left US
    IMPOVERISHED Indebtors
    MDC & Haiti 🇭🇹 pas


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