Guyanese man dies in burning building, ran inside to look for grandson

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

A Guyanese man is dead after he went into a burning house to rescue his grandson who he thought was trapped inside.

The grandson, who was not identified, was however not in the building when Rajendra Mohabir aka Slowie went in search of him. 

According to reports, the fire followed a power outage in the area and the building also housed a small church and a grocery shop. 

“They said there was low voltage and a power outage in the area, and just after the return of power, a loud explosion was heard in the shop. The family raised an alarm and evacuated the building quickly, but Mohabir ran back into the burning property, believing that his grandson was still in the building. The child was not in the building and the man reportedly got trapped in the smoke-filled building as the fire quickly spread,” according to reports in CMC

His charred remains were discovered as firefighters went through the debris.


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