Happy 100th Birthday Lady Marie Louise Shoul

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Not everyone will live to see 100 years but for Marie-Louise Younis or Lady Shoul as she is affectionately known, that day has come. And it is today.

Lady Shoul was born in Guadeloupe on April 28, 1923, to Lebanese parents, Antoine
and Sophie Younis.

Those who knew Lady Shoul in her youthful days said she was a dapper dresser, much like her dad who was perhaps the most well-dressed gentleman in Antigua and was always dandily attired in fine quality suits, bow ties, and Panama hats.

Before arriving in Antigua at the age of twelve, Lady Marie spent most of her formative years in Dominica to which her parents had migrated some six months
after her birth.

She attended Convent High School in Dominica in 1942 and met and married John Ferdinand Shoul. The couple had four children together which was later extended to her five grandchildren and nine great-grands.

Lady Shoul constantly speaks of her says when she was “called upon at the shortest of notice to prepare sumptuous lunches, dinners, and picnic outings for prospective developers in the very early days. This was at a time of adverse conditions such as having to cook in old fire-hearth ovens, and at a time when the foundation of the present tourism industry was just being laid”

She was coached and trained in carnival queen contestants due in part because of her husband’s “prominence and role as chairman”.

Lady Shoul served her community well while remaining humble.

“The very humble manner in which she served her community characterized her as a woman who stood steadfastly and proudly behind her husband in order to ensure that his dreams for a better Antiqua were realized”, according to her biography.

She said, “Nothing is possible without God. God governs the world”.

She has been described as one who is very strong in her faith and has been known for her love and compassion for the least privileged.

Help us wish Lady Shoul a Happy Birthday today.


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