Have we forgotten the Cameroonians?

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Dear Editor,

Shall our brothers and sisters die nameless and be forgotten forever? Were they not humans too? Why can’t we have the names of those who perished in public? Some people say it is not important but it is to us their families. I know what they did was illegal but what does this have to do with their lives?

No information is coming from St Kitts and Antigua and Barbuda seem to be quiet too. We need to know the names of those who perished. Some survivors knew their names. They were all on that trip together.

We don’t even have the names of the survivors, far less of those who died. Did they even die? We haven’t heard reports of bodies floating on water

Could the Atlantic be so shark infested that they were chewed up, clothes and all? Of all those who died not even one body part was found on another island or far away. Am I wrong to feel that maybe they didn’t perish?

We need answers. Perhaps a raptor took place only on that water and the mainland never experienced it. No names, no bodies, and information. Is this right at all?

Our brothers and sisters had wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters…they were people yet they are being treated like objects

We need to have burials for those who died but we don’t even know who they are. Some of us haven’t heard from them since the incident on Tuesday so we suspect that they were part of the trip. However, doesn’t mean they are dead. They could be in the holding cells in St Kitts and Nevis.

Please, if you have any heart, release the names. What if it were you?


Cameroonians Cry


    • Janet

      No one will ever know the names once Gaston and Cutie are heads of the Antigua and Barbuda government. The families need to write to the Governor General (GG), and if no answer from him, then write to the United Nation. Or can get BBC and CNN on this? Fill all the news networks around the world with it. I am sure the survivors have given all the names of those who were on that boat to the authorities during questioning.

  1. Dorothy

    that is very right ; please send out the names of the missing and the survivals

  2. Anonymous

    How can you anyone except this to be done speedily when I am sure there is no documentation of those who were on board that boat.Even with the Sufi ivory,do all of them knew the names of all who were on board that boat.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s Sad!

  4. Cleo

    I share this sentiment, these individuals were human beings just like us. Come on we can do better than this. I am worried that a few of them who used to come to church was on that boat because we haven’t seen anyone of them returning to church since then. Heaven help us plesse.


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