‘If you know something, say something’, begs mother of missing teen

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Kevin Millett


“If you know something, please say something.” These were the words of Chennezza Toulon who could barely hold back her tears while speaking to Observer yesterday.

Toulon is the mother of 18-year-old Kevin Millet of Greenbay who has been missing for three days. A car he was renting was found burnt in the vicinity of Potworks Dam on Friday, sparking alarm among his loved ones.

A distraught Toulon said she learned about her son’s disappearance from her sister. She said she quickly hung up the phone to pull herself together, then called her sister back who told her that Millet’s shoes had been found near his home, heightening the family’s fears.

Toulon said several calls to her son’s phone went unanswered and a few hours later she received a call that the car he was driving had been found destroyed.

“It was strange to me because I never knew my son to be a person of conflict or in anything with anyone. He is very humble but sometimes he goes around the wrong company and people can be led astray by the company we keep,” she said.

The concerned mother is appealing to anyone who knows anything about her son’s whereabouts to reach out.

“If it’s something he has done, come to me; we can make amends. I am a mother. We can sit and talk…Someone has to know something but they aren’t saying anything,” she said.

Toulon also spoke of the toll the ordeal was having on her.

“I can’t sleep, I cannot eat…I am totally broken. If anybody can put themselves in my shoe, I am just asking for my son to return home,” she said.

Meanwhile, Toulon said none of Millet’s friends have contacted her since he went missing.

“The thing that hurt me the most is that none of his so-called friends never reached out to his mother. He is somebody’s child. This goes a lot to show the kind of company he keeps,” she said.

Toulon said she hopes her son is found alive and well.

“He doesn’t talk much. He is very humble, very quiet…I don’t have any problems with my child so it is just puzzling what he could have done to somebody,” she said.

Anyone with information is urged to call the nearest police station or CID at 462-3913.


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