Ivor Ford: Though diminutive in frame, his stature was larger than life

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Social media is flooding with messages of condolences to the family of the late Ivor Ford who died at a nursing home on Friday. He was recently discharged from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center. He was 78.

“What a man loved his country and his constitution. R.I.P Ivor Ford, you will be missed”, wrote talk show host Daren Ward on his Facebook page.

UPP Senator Shawn Nicholas wrote “today, I lost one of my proudest and loudest cheerleaders, Ivor Bernard Ford. So much I could say about this man. Though diminutive in frame, his stature was larger than life. Rest in peace, my friend”

A close family friend wrote, “I glimpsed him a few times on the road and said, he is up and around. January 18th one of his relatives mentioned to me that he was in the hospital.

So sorry to learn of his passing,”.

Ford had a long and distinguished stint in public service before retiring.

After retirement, he continued his contribution by serving as a commentator on several national issues.

Ford was a regular voice on various shows on Observer media.

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  1. Justin L. Simon

    A true patriot and national warrior. Very outspoken about matters, when asked; and always with benevolent intentions. Letz hope that his good will not be interred with his bones. My heartfelt sympathies to his family and many friends whom he actively involved in his work.


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