Jamaican PM pledges to uncover the extent of fraud at investment firm

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

No stone will be left unturned as investigations into fraudulent activities at the investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited in Jamaica.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says no effort will be spared in uncovering the full extent of fraudulent activity and perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Holness said he was “upset and disgusted” at the revelations, saying that he is concerned yet still very sympathetic to the hard-working Jamaicans who are uncertain of the status of their funds invested with SSL.

 “There is a dimension of a heightened public sense of betrayal, which I share, that a National Icon who has brought so much pride to all of us, is also a victim of the alleged fraud. The Government will ensure that the laws and systems in place work for the benefit of the general public good, accountability for those responsible, and justice for those negatively affected,” he emphasized.

Adding, “the affected investors and the public can be assured that the investigative and prosecutorial agencies have the necessary competencies and resources, and have already started to act decisively to gather information and evidence,” he added.

Meanwhile, Holness has told residents that they should not panic especially where the strength and soundness of the financial system are concerned.

“The public can rest assured that the Government will be proactive in ensuring that there is accountability and probity in the exercise of public functions and that our policy and administrative response is effective in continually strengthening the financial sector and protecting the investing public,” he said.

He also asked residents to be patient as investigations are ongoing.


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