J’can gets a 50-year sentence for sexually abusing foster children

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A Jamaican man has been sentenced to 50 years in jail after he was found guilty of sexually abusing two of his forster children. The abuse happened over a two-year period.

The man’s name is Norman Stewart 66, of Missouri City, Texas. The judge ruled that he is expected to serve his sentence “day for day” under state law. Stewart was born in Jamaica.

Attorney Gordon Dees, who represented Stewart, said he would feel “uncomfortable” talking about his client’s “situation”.

“I will be seeing him in the next few days. I would be more than happy to say I was contacted by someone, but I’m really not at liberty to discuss his case,” he said

Stewart, a former employee of the Department of Family and Protective Service was found guilty of continuous sexual abuse of a young child on March 9.

According to reports, the Jamaican man set up a group home at his residence hat fostered and adopted several children.

It was said during the trial that Stewart “sexually abused two girls – a nine-year-old and a 12-year-old – inside his home for more than two years, starting in 2016”.

The prosecution said the man betrayed his role as a father and an employee of an agency that was established to keep children safe.

“All children deserve to feel safe in their homes. As a voice for our community, the jury made it clear that there are severe consequences for those who abuse our most vulnerable,” the prosecutor said.


  1. Anonymous

    Well u did the crime so serve the time, those are innocent babies you’ve scarred for life so take your life sentence with ease and get the neccessary treatment you need in prison. At least little girls are safe from you

  2. Anonymous

    Our girls are scarred for life. Jesus be with them Daddy.


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