Judge to Rule on Wednesday Whether Election Petition Case Should Proceed

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On Wednesday, High Court Judge Jan Drysdale will hand down her decision on whether an election petition against UPP’s former MP for St Mary’s South will proceed

Today, the court heard arguments from Attorney Hugh Marshall Jr, who represents petitioner Casworth Aaron and Kendrickson Kentish, who spoke on behalf of the respondent, Kelvin Simon.

The court is being asked to declare that Simon was invalidly nominated and the votes he received to be discarded

Simon tendered his resignation to the House Speaker, on June 7, but Speaker said Simon did not follow all the rules required under the Constitution.

However last week, in a letter to Simon, Sir Gerald informed the first-time MP that his resignation was automatic, and does not require acceptance by the Speaker.

In court today, there were arguments about whether the petition is moot, now that Simon has resigned from Parliament.

There were also arguments about whether the court can and should proceed with the matter, even if it’s moot.

According to the constitution, a by-election is expected to be called 120 days after the resignation of an MP.

Shugy said he is confident that the people of St Mary’s South will re-elect him again by a large majority.

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  1. Anonymous National

    UPP all the way! May the most honest Candidate win. Expect to see Shugy back in his seat as MP.


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