Mary Elizabeth Meade turns 100

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


Mary Elizabeth, Ellen, Helen, Meade was born in Corkhill, Montserrat on May 10th 1923. She migrated to Antigua in 1944 and dedicated much of her life as a young woman to the development of the Pentecostal church movement. 

Ellen Meade married Mr. Daniel, Robert Meade on December 12th 1945 at the Pilgrim Holiness Church on the corner of Bishopsgate and Popeshead streets.  

Mrs. Ellen Meade along with her husband and many of the early pioneers of the Pentecost movement worked to establish the Pentecostal church by conducting Sunday schools and Open-Air services which attracted many to the new movement. 

Mrs. Ellen Meade has seven (7) living children among them: Reuben Duberry, Joy Rose Meade-Sheppard, Wingrove Meade, Keithley Meade, Jason Meade, Aleta Meade-Allen and Ineta Meade-Dublin,  She also has a host of Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. 

Sadly, after 59 years of marriage, her husband Daniel Meade passed away.  She also witnessed the death of two of her children; one tragically. 

Sister Ellen Meade continues to be a passionate member of the St Johns Pentecostal (SJPC) church.  She is proud of the fact that she has done her part and is also proud of what the church has become today.  

She give thanks to the pastors past and present and the early members who worked to grow the church.  Her wish is to see the church continue on its original path of seeking out and convincing people to believe and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour.


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