Media Association wants justice in the killing of Haitian journalist



The Association of Caribbean Media Workers wants “swift justice” in the killing of journalist Romelson Vilcin.

Vilcin, a Haitian freelance reporter was killed by police in Port-au-Prince on October 30th.

At the time he was shot dead, he was providing coverage of a protest over the arrest of his media colleague Robeste Dimanche.

“We are looking forward to an investigation that is prompt and thorough and which leads to the criminal prosecution of those responsible. The ACM joins with the Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) is also calling on the authorities to end the practice of employing violent behavior against media workers while in pursuit of their duties. We are particularly concerned that in the current climate of pervasive criminal violence, there has seemingly been no attempt to ensure that the work of the free press is observed and protected,” the ACM said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the ACM is also condemning rumors that the production and distribution of print versions of Le Nouvelliste newspaper — an independent, authoritative media enterprise – was suspended by the government.

“We note that one of its leading journalists, Roberson Alphonse, continues to recover from serious injuries sustained during an October 25 assassination attempt, and we wish him best wishes and the hope that he is nursed back to good health, “ the ACM added in the document.

Adding, “Our courageous colleagues there have our complete support, and we encourage the promotion of diplomatic and other regional efforts that can have the impact of bringing the situation under some measure of control,”

They also expressed concerns over the killing of journalists in Haiti.

“For the year so far, six journalists have been killed and another has disappeared. Securing justice in these cases can play a key role in signaling the seriousness of official measures to address deteriorating conditions,” the ACM said.

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