More doctors to be placed at clinics



The Mount St Johns Medical Center is working towards increasing the number of doctors at clinics in and around Antigua and Barbuda

The aim is to reduce the influx of people presenting themselves at the Emergency Room for minor health issues that can be handled at clinics

Health officials reported to the Cabinet this week that the challenge of all emergency rooms is determined by the volume of patients who present themselves for emergency care.

In Antigua and Barbuda for instance, more than 40,000 patients present themselves before the SLBMC each year.

The research reveals that most need “urgent care”, not “emergency care”; nevertheless, all who show up are treated.

The SLBMC is working to increase the number of doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room, to reduce the waiting time of patients, according to the notes from Cabinet.

An increase in the number of doctors at the Clinics is also being worked, on since “urgent care” is dispensed at clinics.

Many clinics throughout the country fall under the control of the Chief Medical Officer. Hence, increases in doctors and scheduling changes can be determined by the CMO, and not the Director of the SLBMC, the Cabinet was informed.

The proposed changes to the functioning of the clinics will be addressed shortly, the meeting indicated.

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  1. juju-b

    This would be a welcomed move. The clinics are really understaffed


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