More than 2000 residents could lose land over non-payment

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

​More than 2000 residents could run the risk of having their lands transferred to another if they fail to bring their arrears up to date or enter into some payment arrangement with the government

The government has said over two thousand residents in Antigua and Barbuda have stopped paying for lands assigned to them

Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister Lionel Max Hurst says the Lands Division is about to reassign the lands “to others who have an interest in acquiring them and of course, paying for them”

He said “for those of you who might wish to forestall your land being transferred to another, may I suggest that you make the payment immediately to the Lands Division of the land or enter into some arrangement so that your interest in the land continues to be registered. But they are going to reassign your land to somebody else if you don’t make a payment to make a payment,” Hurst insists.

Hurst said is unaware why the payments have been discontinued “but there are others who are ready to purchase these lands”


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