National Cyclist Andre Simon Dies

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Exactly 13 months after he was knocked down by a motorist on the Sir George Walter Highway, National cyclist Andre Simon has passed away in a medical facility in Texas.

Andre died after a long and hard battle with the many complications associated with the injuries that he received on the morning that he and three other riders decided to go on a training ride

Sean Weathered, Ghere Coates and Tiziano Rosignoli, were also involved in the accident but Andre received the brunt of the injuries.

All four men received treatment, but while the other three were later discharged from the hospital, Simon remained in the ICU with head trauma and internal bleeding.

It wasn’t until early July 2022 that Simon – while in a wakefulness coma – was transported to Texas for further treatment.

Along the way, he suffered aspiration pneumonia – which occurs when food or liquid is breathed into the airways or lungs, instead of being swallowed – among other things.

Andre’ 40 also suffered from stage three bed sores and several other complications.

Andre’s son was also flown to Texas to be with his dad. The young Simon now lives and attends school in the United States.

Dwayne Simon, his brother wrote on Facebook “thank you for all of your prayers and support and encouragement. It would never be forgotten”.

Simon was reportedly struck down by Kenyatta Benjamin of Hatton who is charged with dangerous driving.

The entire country had banded together to provide financial support to him in the hope of his recovery. His family cuffed up hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for his medical expenses. Some have not yet been repaid.

Benjamin has been in and out of court for several months for his committal hearing but now that Simon has passed, the charge may be upgraded to causing death by dangerous driving.


  1. Teacher For Life

    Condolences to the family friends and loved ones. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Wong ping

    Send the death certificate quick fast in a hurry. Charges need to be upgraded. Not because your surname is Benjamin you going to get away from this.

  3. Anonymous

    Condolences to his dear family and all those who truly loved him.

  4. True

    Is the year and a day law still good?


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