National Parks enforce regulations dealing with commercial and business activity

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The National Parks Authority says it will enforce laws that are already in place that regulates the staging of events and other activities within the park’s boundaries.

In a statement to the media this week, the National Parks says the regulations were introduced to ensure that the community spaces in the park are respected and protected.

The National Parks provides a peaceful and tranquil home to a wide range of residents and for this reason, the authorities are asking anyone wishing to use the venue for commercial purposes to first consult the regulations “to get an understanding of the conditions associated with hosting any activity or event and/or to get in touch with the offices of the Parks Commissioner”.

According to regulations, a permit is required for anyone wanted to hold certain activities there.

The 2022 regulations also instruct that “a person shall not in any way without the written permission of the Parks Commissioner…use the Park premises for any event (whether commercial, service/meeting, social gathering);”

The park also has the legal authority according to the law, to “remove anyone who is found to violate the provisions of the regulations.”

Any person or organization who breaks the law relating to the national parks could be fined up to $5000.00 or six months in prison or both.

The legislation is also clear that “a person shall not carry on any business within the Park without a license obtained for that purpose from the Authority.”

And, “the regulations spell out the requirements and conditions under which interested individuals or companies may qualify for a license. For arrangements and further information anyone may contact the National Parks office in the Antigua Naval Dockyard”

Based on the latest information, the National Parks Association is hoping people can respect the regulations.


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