New Mr. and Ms. Teenage Crowned Amidst Chaos and Technical Glitches


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The Ministry of Creative Industries has tried its best to do damage control after a chaotic night at the ARG Grounds, during the staging of last night’s Mister and Miss Teenage Pageant.

The show was bombarded with glitches as technicians played the blame game, in some instances, shouting and yelling at each other, using profanity to bring their point across.

The profane language was broadcast live on all media platforms, forcing radio stations to apologize

Some of the contestants walked off the stage in the middle of their talent.

Apart from the fact that the show ended in the wee hours of the morning, the students were forced to repeat some of the segments.

“A complete disaster”, one parent whose daughter performed last night said to reporters after the show.

“The event should have ended by midnight. Look at the time and these children are out, stressed out. They worked hard for weeks leading up to the competition. What an embarrassment and frustration” she said

But despite the confusion, the hard work of the students paid off, with Lutrell John and Ajanaé Bleau being crowned this year’s Mr. and Ms. Teenage.

John represented the Sir Novelle Richards Academy, and Bleau presented the Princess Margaret School

Bleau captured the awards for Best Performing Talents, Best Introductory Speech, Best Cultural Icon, Best Unfirm Evolution, and Best Interview

The 1st runner-up female went to Sarah Bahri of the St. Anthony Secondary School, while the first runner-up male was captured by Ruez Titre of the St Joseph Academy

The second runner-up female went to Melika Samuel of the Clare Hall Secondary School while Noah Yeboah of the Antigua Grammar School captured the second position for the male category

Meanwhile, the Department of Creative Industries extends its heartfelt apology to esteemed students, parents, sponsors, patrons, and supporters for the unexpected challenges experienced during this year’s highly anticipated Mr & Miss Teenage Pageant Competition.

“Despite weeks of hard work, relentless practice, camaraderie among peers, and dedicated effort, unforeseeable technical difficulties had an unfortunate impact on tonight’s production,” the Ministry of Education said in a press statement.

“Our 14 brilliant, beautiful, and talented teenagers showcased their exceptional skills and devoted countless hours to ensure their presentations were of top-tier quality and flawlessness. We want to reassure the general public that the technical difficulties were unforeseen”

The organizers say the team is committed to identifying the root cause of the issues and taking appropriate measures to prevent similar occurrences in future events. The adjudication was not impacted.

“The Department of Creative Industries would like to express its sincerest gratitude to our sponsors, parents, schools, and well-wishers for their unwavering support. Without your generous contributions, this event would not have been possible, and we remain grateful for your commitment to our cause,” the statement read.

Adding, “We deeply regret any disappointment caused to our attendees and participants. The passion and dedication displayed by the contestants and organizers will not go unnoticed, and we are committed to making every effort to rectify and improve future productions”

The Ministry said it understands the high expectations associated with the pageant, and “we assure you that our team is diligently working to rectify the situation and provide a better experience for future events. Once again, we extend our sincerest apologies and appreciation to all involved parties for your understanding and continued support”

Photos by Wayne Mariett


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