No bail for father who allegedly attacked Principal

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Bail has been denied for Michael Samuel, the father who allegedly attacked Christopher Roberts; the principal of the Mary E Pigott Primary School last week.

Samuel who is represented by Attorney Wendel Robinson appeared before Magistrate Joanne Walsh this morning to answer charges of battery and malicious damage.

Robinson said his client acted under frustration, after having had two similar situations where his son was punished by the principal in a manner that he believes was abusive.

According to reports, the incident that broke the camel’s back was after his son, a 5th grader was suspended. Robinson said the father had tried to have an audience with the principal but failed.

Principal Roberts said last week that he was attacked by the student’s father unexpectedly. He suffered injuries to his arm and was treated at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center and released. He was placed on medical leave.

Our newsroom is also in possession of photos showing a bleeding wound on the leg of the father, who also was treated at the hospital after the fight last week

The parent said the wound to his leg was a result of a vicious bite he allegedly received from principal Roberts.


  1. Anonymous

    Wow! Dem judges not making any joke.

    • Jezeble

      Corrupt, is more like it!!!

      • Fedupathemagistrate

        Why Mrs Walch no go study to defeat bramble in his case and why the AG Mr Benjamin no get a she yet she too wicket

    • Adele

      This is pure stereo type profiling. You see a man with locks and right away he’s a useless human. It is truly sad that in this modern age and time that our legal system is still so unjust. Well I know if it was my child I wound be in 1735 or six feet under. Listening to both side of the isle that principal was excessive. I would like to know which parent who love their child would not go seeking answers. I would like to know which parent who feels that their concerns must not be heard would not be upset. By no means I’m saying violence should be pushed aside or over looked, but where is the justice for the child. You all can call him father all you want but the same bible speaks of wolves in sheep clothing. Do not be dismayed a lot of wolves are in the education system looking like sheep. Justice for my Samuel and his son.

      • Mae

        When I heard that he was going before a certain magistrate, I said too myself that he gone a jail. Everyone knows this magistrate when certain case goes in front of her..
        How come she didn’t send Dean Jonas to jail for battering a police officer? I thought that is a serious offence against officers of the law. I know people who have been jailed for this time of the offensive.

  2. Mae

    How would this affects this son now? Most boys look up strongly to their fathers. We parents need to think before react on our thoughts. The magistrate did right to sent a strong warning too all parents that this kind of behaviour is not allowed or tolerated in Antigua and Barbuda. Our mind is a powerful tool, not able to controlling it with Jesus Christ, it will destroy us and our loved ones. It is always good to have that special friend(s) that you can confide in to help you control your thoughts. God always put the right person in your path.
    As a parent myself, thoughts do comes into my mind, but thank God I have several friends who always did their best to help me control my thoughts. I am not perfect. Yes, it not everyone who can do what I did.

    • FrankS

      You are totally clueless to the events which led up to this attack.
      Why was bail denied? Murder accuses have been granted bail, so why not Mr Samuel.
      Bail with restraining conditions is a must. Is he a flight risk? Is Antigua so small that both men will cross paths daily?
      Keeping Samuel locked up is unnecessary, unjust and extra judicial punishment.
      Ban CORPORAL PUNISHMENT in schools now!!!

  3. Audley Phillip

    The court have to do its work. I am calling on the Ministry of Education once again to review its position where corporal punishment in schools are concerned. There will always be parents who feels that their child was badly beaten and abused. It is time to end flogging in schools and seek out alternative disciplinary methods that are meaningful and less abusive. It is also my view that he could have been granted bail. People get bail for things that are more heinous and the court need to be more people friendly, caring and compassionate.

  4. Otto

    Ya know how much children get beaten badly by there own parents and we don’t feel a way…if ya kno the school practices corporal punishment then don’t carry your child there..


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