“Now is not the time to switch”-Michael Browne.

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The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party candidate for All Saints West Michael Browne has told residents that to complete the work that has been started, they must re-elect the ABLP into office.

He told a Rally at Sea View Farm Playing Field last night that while some infrastructural challenges need to be addressed, the government is ready to provide support throughout the country.

“Between 2015 and 2015, All Saints West will see the construction of 727 homes. The government has been hard at work…Now that Covid-19 is behind us, our government will provide the additional support that is needed in All Saint West,” he said.

The next major community project according to Browne is a clinic and a wellness center in Seaview Farm.

“Am I saying these things just because it’s politics? No. These are things I would have said in 2004…There’s lots of work yet to be done in All Saints West. Now is not the time to switch” Browne told the rally.


  1. Sharon Lycorish

    It may not be the correct time to have a new administration voted in because overall some projects are well on their way to completion and a lot has been accomplished in spite of the pandemic. The people of All Saints West now need to listen to Dr. Browne and hold him to his word regarding the projects that are earmarked for the constituency. He in turn should be more visible in parts of his constituency so that he can hear directly from the people the issues that must be addressed.

  2. Disgusted

    You not serious, what nonsense? So 8 years not enough???

  3. Wong Ping

    Gtfoh Micheal Browne

  4. Fed up of Antigua

    Michael a joke you making or you serious.What did you do with the eight years.BuckleysHeights ,Olvers East and Montrula still without water.You l think is joke to pay water truck when rain is not coming and you cannot even get your Social Security pension on time.Some people in this country just wicked, lie and deceitful.Tha k God I can think for myself and no politicians can put wool over my eyes.I repeat no politician.This woman think for herself.So much damn foolishness don’t make no damn sense.If person’s take time out to think for themselves.

  5. Voter

    Hold your leaders accountable, and maybe you will have a country that you and your children are proud of! The leaders of Antigua and Barbuda are not interested in improving the lives of the citizens! They are not interested in public policy for the betterment of the population; they are interested in self-dealing and personal enrichment. A higher purpose does not guide them. If you accept this type of leadership, do not complain or be shocked when they cannot build roads, hospitals, and schools and maintain infrastructure! They have not built anything or created wealth from the ground up! They have sold their children’s futures to a few corrupt business people to self-enrich themselves. You do not become rich in public service without stealing your children future! It’s just a matter of time before Antigua and Barbuda becomes another Haiti! Accept mediocrity, and point to other failed states to justify your corrupt leader! I will leave you with this. President Obama was the poorest US President in and during his time in office; he became rich after he left office through the capitalist system, speeches, books, and Netflix deals! Caribbean politicians are too mediocre to succeed in the marketplace of ideas; they steal and run around the world begging for debt forgiveness and reparations! They have no vision! Vote them out, and maybe, over time, a true leader will emerge!


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