Pay raise and low fuel cost among relief for Vincentians



The government of St Vincent has promised to put several measures in place to relieve the burden placed on residents.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in his Independence speech on Thursday revealed plans which will make life easier for Vincentians including pay raise, barrel concessions and lower fuel prices.

Additionally support programs for farmers, fisherfolks, and small and medium-sized businesses will continue.

“As of Monday, October 31st, gas at the pumps will be reduced by $2.10 per gallon and diesel by $1 per gallon and by Christmas, an aggregate payment annual dividend of over $1 million to persons who volunteered at the various shelters during the time of the volcanic eruption,” Gonsalves said.

He noted that a tangible manner of thanking Vincentians was way overdue.

The Prime Minister said there will be continuous support in the form of subsidies or tax waivers for the range of commodities, including brown sugar, flour, fertilizer, and cement.

As of November 14th, the duty-free concessions on Christmas barrels will begin.

Earlier this week the government also committed to lowering the cost of electricity bills following the arrival of 20,000 barrels of oil from Venezuela under the  PetroCaribe agreement.


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