Pigotts man hospitalized after drinking wife’s medication

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A man from Pigotts drank his wife’s medication in an attempt to end his life, saying that he can no longer cope with her prolonged illness.

According to police reports, the victim drank 6 days’ supply of his wife’s prescribed medication for Renal, Cardiac, and Hypertension (Hydrochlorothiazide, Amlodipine, and Aspirin).

The woman who has been sick for some time now recently lost her sight and that had allegedly taken a toll on her family and husband.

The man who is a supervisor at a medical school sent a text message to a family saying “Family goodbye I can’t take it no more, I am going to kill myself, I just overdose myself.”

When relatives went to look for him, they asked whether he had in fact ingested any of his wife’s medication.

He confirmed that he had swallowed all of it. He began sweating and collapsed minutes later.

His family immediately called 911 and the Ambulance arrived on the scene and the EMTS attended to him and took him to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center

The 39-year-old man told medical officials after he was revived that he has been very stressed out over his wife’s illness and cannot cope anymore.

He was treated and admitted for observation.


  1. Craig Wyre

    Sad, a lot to cope with but the story a Job, Lot, Joseph and Moses in Egypt speaks volume.

  2. Anonymous

    Sad situation, seems like he needs more help than his wife now. I pray the family helps to relieve him at intervals and avoid a serious tragedy

  3. Don't give up.

    That’s sad. A bit much for one person to handle alone. Is there a care facility she could stay in or could a nurse be paid to come by and tend to her daily? Perhaps family and charity groups could donate to such care. Or, he could ask church volunteers to take turns to help. Some people would be happy to help. He should have looked into options, asked churches or charities if he needed some help. As the Good Book says, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find.”


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