PM Browne says plans to connect Antigua and Africa will continue

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Despite the negativity associated with the West African chartered flights, Prime Minister Gaston Browne remains adamant that his government will hold steadfast to its commitment to what he says is the noble idea of an air bridge between the African continent and this country.

The Opposition United Progressive Party has blamed the government for its decision to enter into an arrangement with Marvelous Mike for the establishment of Antigua Airways; an air connection between both countries

Although Antigua Airways is not solely responsible for the influx of African migrants who arrived here between November last year and February 2023, the UPP remains unbending, that the government must be blamed

Another flight copied the Antigua Airways connection and route, bringing hundreds of West Africans here with a promise to take them to the United States.

But Browne told Parliament that he will examine putting systems in place to prevent a repeat of what happened.

“We also spoke with other African investors…we have not given up on that noble initiative of establishing an air bridge between Africa and the Caribbean. So, we will have further discussions as to what systems we can put in place to avoid what would have happened in December of last year” he said,

The prime minister also indicated that his government may also have to put policies in place to avoid residents from countries from violent stricken countries in Africa to seek refuge here.

“And we do recognize too that, we’ll have to perhaps have some discriminatory policies in place in the sense that countries in Africa where there is any form of instability, we may just have to have a ban on granting any form of access to the country. So rather than issuing a visa or any visa waivers, we may just have to preclude citizens of those countries to avoid any repeat of such situation” he said

Meanwhile where Antigua Airways is concerned, Browne said recently, he held talks with the owners of the airlines.

“Having spoken to the principals, they have indicated that they are interested in acquiring a couple of planes and sometime in the future to pursue this initiative of establishing the air bridge between Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda” he added.

The first Antigua Airways flight touched down at the V.C Bird International Airport on November 01, 2022.

The prime minister has also confirmed that his government has no shares currently in the airline.


  1. Teacher for life

    Dear Editor ,
    Great article but here are a few suggestions to make it seven better:

    …put policies in place to prevent( not avoid)…..from violence( not violent) stricken countries….seeking refuge….

  2. Mae

    It is very good to have a flight bridge between Antigua and Africa. My concern is, would we guarantee a full return flight from Antigua to Africa for each trip? Who will be paying for the empty seats when each flights return back to Africa not full? It is not much residents, living in Antigua, who are interested in going to Africa, their goal is America, Canada and England for better opportunities or vacation. How would the PM sell Africa as a destination, a place to visit to the residents of Antigua and Barbuda?

  3. Dorothy Akom

    the idea of pm is good bc the money the African pays is more than go and come: an other thing is ; if the dont provide jobs to this people; how will they be living ? how will the eat pay rents and help families at home; most of them are married men and women ; Except you give them access to pass to those other countries; manyare in Nigeria still looking a way to enter Antigua and Barbuda; 5000 U S dollars is a big money to pay to Antigua and Barbuda


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