Police Address Situation at Booby Alley, Point

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

​On Tuesday, April 4, around 12:50 pm the police were called to Booby Alley in Point to provide security to an official from the High Court of Justice, who was on the scene to enforce a Court Order on the occupants of a property located in the said area.

When the police arrived at the scene, one of the occupants, Mr. Joel O’Marde refused to comply with the order and became aggressive, while openly hurling threats at the police and the court official.

Several attempts were made by the police to persuade and encourage Mr. O’Marde to comply with the order; instead, he armed himself with a weapon and continued resisting and threatening the police and the court officer.

In an effort to neutralize the threats and to prevent the situation from escalating any further out of control, the police resorted to using non-lethal measures to subdue him and take him into custody.

The matter is still under investigation, and it is likely that charges will be brought against him. (Statement from Police)

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  1. Craig Wyre

    I don’t recall seeing no weapon, wasn’t the court order due until Friday, and why isn’t the Gaston Browne places moving. ,As the lady with the demons on him, he cannot be move


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