Police concerned about violence and crime among youth

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney

The growing trend of violence among young people in Antigua and Barbuda is causing great concern among police and the public at large

There have been several reports and hospitalizations following woundings, stabbings, and other violent incidents in recent times

In a statement released to the media on Tuesday, the police outlined several measures that the administration has implemented.

These crime-fighting measures and strategies they say are in place to effectively address these and other criminal activities going forward.

“These include the heightening of police visibility and patrols at all major sporting events and other functions; as well as an increased number of ‘Stop and Search’ and ‘Spot-Check’ exercises across the country,” the statement stated.

In addition, police say anyone found carrying “abroad any weapons such as knives, cutlasses, cleavers, scissors, blunt objects, or any other offensive weapons without being able to provide a satisfactory reason or explanation to the police, will be arrested and charged by Section 5 of CAP 405 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda”

The police say they continue to condemn every act of violence that is being perpetrated against any resident of this country.

“The administration is also assuring the general public that the recent incidents are being investigated and those found culpable will be dealt with by the laws. The police are anticipating the fullest cooperation of all citizens and residents, as the organization seeks to maximize its resources in ensuring the safety and security of all and to maintain respect for law and order in Antigua and Barbuda,” according to the statement.

Anyone with information surrounding any of the recent incidents is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913.


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