Police probe vandalism of ABLP campaign paraphernalia in City East

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Police continue to probe acts of vandalism in St Johns City East, where the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party campaign paraphernalia was destroyed and replaced with the party colors of the opponent United Progressive Party.

Melford Nicholas, the incumbent candidate for the area said it cost about $15,000.00 to replace the paraphernalia that was destroyed over the past couple of weeks.

Nicholas said he is also worried about repeated criminal actions in the lead-up to the January 18 general elections.

Meanwhile, the county’s Chief of Police Atlee Rodney warned that damaging campaign paraphernalia is an offense.

“We have seen that people have started to damage posters…We are encouraging the public to desist from that. It is an offense because you are committing malicious damage to the property of someone else,” Rodney said

In an interview with State TV, Rodney also called for a de-escalation of tensions in the ongoing election campaign.

“We have to respect one another. We have to remember we live in a democracy and we may have different opinions but we have to do it civilly,” he said.

Rodney said he is hoping that peace will prevail for the duration of the election campaign.

The UPP has also had its paraphernalia destroyed in several constituencies. They too have made complaints to the authorities about the growing practice.

No one has been arrested or charged for the illegal act.


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