Police Statement on Incident in St. Johns

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The police are investigating an incident that occurred in St. John’s City in which two police officers were injured and one man hospitalized nursing gunshot wounds.

On Thursday 31 August, 2023, about 1:00pm, police officers attached to Special Services Unit (SSU) responded to a report of wounding in the vicinity of the West Bus Station.

On arrival at the scene, the officers were confronted by a man armed with a knife and bottles. Attempts were made to subdue the man, during which he threw bottles at two officers injuring one to the head and the other to his chest.

The situation further escalated when the man advanced towards one officer with the knife. As a result, the man was shot. He fled the scene and was apprehended along South Street. EMS was contacted and the man was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center where he remains in stable condition.

The injured officers were treated and discharged from the hospital. The Criminal Investigations Department is continuing investigations into the incident, and the Police Administration is hoping for a speedy recovery of both officers and the injured man.

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