PSC and former COP could reach settlement soon

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

More than three years after he was dismissed from the police force, Wendel Robinson and the Police Service Commission could soon arrive at a settlement.

Robinson, who was the Police Commissioner at the time, was terminated in December 2019, after serving 32 years in the force. He was sent home without pension, gratuity and any other benefits he may have earned in his tenure.

When the matter came up in court today, Justice Jan Drysdale vacated the trial hearing to allow the parties to discuss a settlement

Robinson, who has changed his name to Wendell Alexander represented himself in his capacity as a lawyer said both parties have heeded to her advice about a possible settlement which will be discussed further

Robinson said a strategy has already been devised on how the settlement will eventually take place, saying that he is quite eager to having the matter settled once and for all.

The matter has been adjourned until April 18 and both parties are expected to report to the court whether they have reached a settlement or should return for a hearing

In April 2018, Robinson was suspended by the Police Service Commission amid allegations of misconduct. A team of investigators later served him with disciplinary charges, which he denied.

When the matter was taken to court that same year, a High Court ruling agreed that his suspension was indeed unlawful and ordered that he be reinstated and awarded costs.

But hours after that judgement, Robinson was suspended, by the commission a second time on the basis that he was still facing disciplinary charges.

And then on March 25, Judge Ann-Marie Smith ruled that the appointment of the current Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney was “unlawful, ultra vires, null and void”.

Atlee Rodney was appointed three months after Robinson was terminated.

Robinson estimates he is owed more than EC$230,000 in gratuity, in addition to his monthly pension, coupled with damages for loss of reputation and career prospects.


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