Queen Elizabeth II: First picture released of monarch’s ledger stone



Buckingham Palace has released the first picture of the new ledger stone that will mark Queen Elizabeth II’s final resting place in Windsor.

The late queen was buried in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, at the King George VI Memorial Chapel on Monday evening.

The names of the Queen, Prince Philip, and her parents, George VI and Elizabeth the Queen Mother, are inscribed in brass letters on the black hand-carved Belgian marble slab.

It has been incorporated into the floor of the King George VI Memorial Chapel and is surrounded by tributes of flowers and wreaths as shown by the picture.

Only the names of the former king and queen mother were written in gold calligraphy on the ledger stone that was previously affixed to the chapel floor.

The newly engraved stone now bears the inscriptions “George VI / 1895-1952”, “Elizabeth / 1900-2002” followed by a metal Garter Star, then “Elizabeth II / 1926-2022” and “Philip / 1921-2021”.

The Order of the Garter, the highest rank of knighthood in the British honors system, included all four royals.

Beginning on September 29, anybody may pay their respects at the burial place on any day that St. George’s Chapel is open to the public, with the exception of Sundays when it is exclusively open to worshipers.

According to the chapel’s website, an adult entry ticket to the castle costs £28.50 on Saturdays and £26.50 on other days.

The Queen commissioned the construction of the King George VI Memorial Chapel in 1969, a white stone annex – designed by George Pace – that is located behind the North Quire Aisle on the north side of the main structure. It serves as the Queen’s father’s burial place who after passing away in 1952, was initially interred in the Royal Vault before being moved to the chapel.

When Princess Margaret, a sister of the Queen, passed away in 2002, she was cremated, and her ashes were initially stored in the Royal Vault. When the Queen Mother passed away a few weeks later, they were transported to the memorial chapel with her parents’ coffin.

Prince Philip, however, was only recently moved to the chapel.

When he passed away in April last year, his coffin was buried in the Royal Vault and wasprepared to be transferred to the memorial chapel to be with his wife when she passed away.

The royal family observes the seven-day period of mourning for the Queen, which will conclude at the end of Monday.