Region to have slower than usual decrease in rainfall

Editorial Staff


The next three months are forecast to feature a slower-than-usual decrease in rainfall, wet days, and wet spells.

That’s according to the Barbados-based Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) with the “likely” exception of The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Cuba.

In its latest Caribbean Climate Outlook Newsletter, CariCOF said that the situation could also result in a slower increase in dry spells, while the likelihood of excessive rainfall resulting in a high potential for flooding, flash floods, and cascading hazards in the coastal Guianas will decrease to limited or moderate.

CariCOF said “meanwhile, in the Caribbean Islands and in Belize, this potential should be marginal to limited. In contrast, drought concerns arise in Cuba, which may end up even drier than usual. No significant episodes of heat discomfort is expected in this part of the cool season,”


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